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A little about me

Lucio Nicastro learns goldsmiths' art very young, only 16 years old, entering in the famous laboratory of the Neapolitan maestro Virgilio.
There, after the acquisition of artisans' basis, he gains very soon consideration for his talent and ability.
Hence Lucio is chosen for the most complicated and difficult realisations, particularly broches and jewels in platinum.
In 1959 Lucio starts his own laboratory and immediately shows to be good not only with his hands, but also as an entrepreneur.
Love for jewellery creations, his honesty, plus his taste and bonhomie grant success and growth to Nicastro's.
In the years Lucio works for the most exclusive jewellers, and realises on demand the most different creations, having the opportunity of transforming and implement the most different materials.
Since 2001 Lucio's laboratory is honoured to be a BVLGARI official post sales assistance.
Starting from the 80s Lucio begins to produce his own creations, due to the fact that computer's development and mechanical technologies brings to standardisation in jewellery causing the lost of exclusivity.
In this new scenario Lucio's choice is to stress the handwork, implementing the newest techniques but limiting the production and enhancing customization and personalization.
This course of events took advantage from the entrance in Nicastro's firm of Emma, Lucio's first daughter, naturally talented like him, but courier of new tastes. Nowadays Emma's ability is still impressive for her speed in craftmanship but supported by more than 40 years of experience.